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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In the dim room, there was only a gleam of moonlight from the gap between the curtains. The boy curled up helplessly at the corner of the bed, holding the quilt tightly.
"Why are there so many sad things in life"
"That's why you will learn to cherish happy things"
"Then why don't everyone understand my heart?"
"But, don't you have me?"
"You are the only one who knows me best and is also my favorite."
"of course"
Silence for a few seconds
"After all, you are just my fictional person..."


I made a story this week to explore the importance of dialogue to the story.
By thinking about the metaphorical ability of anime, I began to try to describe a conversation about a boy in bed with others. I wanted to draw a story with pictures through pure words.

In this story, the boy will sadly express his inner pain and hopelessness in life. No one around him can understand and only she can understand the boy. But I will use metaphors to slowly make the audience feel that the story is not so simple, and gradually Realizing that the boy was actually talking to himself.

Before Sunset-2004, directed by Richard Linklater, is the most impressive film that uses dialogue to promote the plot. The film does not have too gorgeous scenes but focuses on their dialogue. "I guess when you're young you just believe. there'll be many people you'll connect with. Later in life you realize it only happens a few times. And you can screw it up, you know. Misconnect. "A simple line is rich in connotation, Let the reader think about what happened to her in the past. It also metaphors the relationship between the two individuals and the missed opportunities in the past.

I have been trying various related work of 2d animation during this period, but most of the content does not contain dialogue. Most of the stories I think about are also based on the premise of silent (worry that dubbing the animation will cause The work is unprofessional). But I found that after trying to give the character lines, there will be an additional way to express the content. This makes me have to think about whether the story I have been unable to proceed is caused by the lack of lines.

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By Zipei Zhong (Fiore)
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Published On: 14/09/2021