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A suicide note of a rose

Rose was found dead in a snow-covered wasteland. Her roommate found her suicide note underneath her, but the letterhead was soaked with snow and blood that it took time to recover before the contents could be read.

Moderator: So did she commit suicide or was she murdered?

Rose's parents: She was definitely murdered! Our daughter was beautiful and cheerful and generous, and she had lots of friends who can all testify to what a sunny girl she was!

Host: You said she had a lot of friends?

Rose's parents: Yes, very many. She always applied her social skills well and handled her friends well, and everyone loved her, she was the shining star.

Host: So has she done anything unusual lately?

Rose's parents: Emm, no, I don't think so, but she's been socializing a little less lately because of the pressure of work, and she's picked up her old brushes and started painting again. Her biggest dream when she was little was to travel around the world and paint every day.

Roommate: She always talks to me about some plans for her life. She is very clear about planning her own criteria for choosing a spouse and planning her academic career, and I envy her for living so soberly.

Moderator:So it seems that she did not have a reason to commit suicide, and after the police autopsy, it was found that pulling out the flower core such a way of death, she assumed a great pain before death. Are there any other clues? Any weird sightings you found

Roommate: No, she has always been able to analyze every piece of human emotion very soberly, I think she is very smart and excellent logical ability, any false feelings can not shake her.

Host: Has she ever said anything about misanthropic thoughts?

Rose's parents: This gentleman, you may not be listening to us carefully, what misanthropic reasons does she have? She graduated from a prestigious school, has an enviable job, has a lot of friendships, many good suitors, two parents, and we don't have any financial problems at home.

Moderator: Suitors? Do you all know about her relationship history? I can understand your excitement, but it is my responsibility to understand any possible cause of her death. I hope you can reveal more to me.

Roommate: Although Rose was very popular and most people looked up to her, she had very little relationship experience, only two formal relationships in her 28 years of life.

Moderator: Oh? Why is that? Is her sexual orientation different? Or is she a single person?

Rose's parents: You're really being unreasonable! How can our daughter be gay!

Moderator: I apologize for offending you, but I don't think gay is a derogatory term. Many LGBT people die of depression because they can't identify themselves or come out to those around them, and I just want to understand all the possibilities.

Roommate: What I can say for sure is that Rose's sexual orientation is indeed male, and we often talk about the boys together. When she was just thinking about life in junior high school, she also had the idea of being single for the rest of her life and as always very sensible, single for a very good reason, but after she got to college, influenced by everyone around her, she also had two relationships. The first is a friend she knew from childhood, their love affair began close to 8 years, but finally ended without a hitch. The second one was introduced by a friend, whose family's financial condition and personal career were far from Rose's, but he was very good to her, but in the end Rose still chose to break up, and she often told me that if only she was not so sober, if she could also get out of the routine once and could rebel wildly, then life would not be more colorful.

Moderator: Did these two relationships make a big emotional difference for Rose?

Roommate: Actually, no. She still listens to her friends' complaints, the girls' relationships and breakups, but every time she listens to their failed relationships, she is always a little lost, and I think she feels bad for her girlfriends. She still goes to the Club with everyone, goes to parties, goes on picnics and swims, and is still so understanding and happy. I really can't understand why she chose to commit suicide (head down and sobbing)

Moderator: Did she have any dating after that?

Roommate: Yes, but each one she can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this person, some boys are actually very interested in her conditions are also good, but the height she can not stand, the looks of friends will evaluate, the economic conditions of parents will be picky, not attentive people will make her suffer, parents some chaotic marriage let her sum up a lot, friends experience also gave her a lot of warning, she is always very sensible, her life is like a textbook. Her life is like a textbook.

Rose's parents: You can rest assured that Rose has never let us down since she was a child. She is a gentle, generous and cheerful girl with an impeccable personality. She is the envy of her parents, with a good attitude and good grades, a stable job in the government, and social skills without any problems. To die for something as vain as love is not the kind of child we educate.

Moderator: For some reason, I only felt a sense of suffocation when you were elaborating on her successful life.

Police: The suicide note was recovered

Rose's parents, roommate:What did she write!

Police: Only one sentence, deformed shells to breed round and flawless pearls, is there only one way to live, I want to see if my heart is really only follow the rules of reason, I have no crazy once in the blood.

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Published On: 07/09/2021