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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Because of people's excessive mining, the earth has become a ruin. The earth's life is at stake without green plants and vitality. So humans have created a factory that can restore the objects to their original form.  


The game's goal is to make nature and humans live in harmony.


Players need to consider the balancing of nature and the city. They can't directly fix all items without thinking for human beings.


Each item will have a restoration time. The more significant thing has a higher income, but it will take longer to restore,  which needs to be calculated and judged by the player. The balance value will be displayed in the game, and if it leans on one side highly, the game will fail.


This week's theme is 'Time", based on Yana's premise, "In the factory, the process goes into the opposite direction, finished objects are separated into parts/ingredients," I developed this idea into a game. The primary purpose of this concept is to show the importance of protecting the environment.

Similar works "Plague Company" created by NDEMIC CREATIONS Studio. This game tells people the severity of the plague. In the process of playing, the trend of the curse will develop for better or worse. The gameplay requires the players to think and calculate in every step.

One of the premises I mentioned this week is "the change of the body of a dead deer in the four seasons", which is not easy to develop into a game/story because I set the premise too small. I appreciate Yana's premise, so I hope to use it for this week's exercise. At the same time, our group discussion inspired me and expanded the gameplay.

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By Zhiwei Liu (Eva)
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Published On: 12/05/2022


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