Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


This week, we turned our attention to the external expression of the inner state (EMIS) by looking at the visual that the character gave us into the work. In order to understand the key to externalization in the design of animated characters in performance and dialogue.

By applying the thinking around the unique abilities of animation to this theme, I began to try to express their internal world through the appearance and behavior of the characters.

The role I chose this time is an elephant child and an elephant mother, because besides humans, elephants are one of the few animals with empathy. And I want to compare the empathy of elephants and humans to arouse the audience's thinking. The elephant children are afraid of the tigers coming out to bite people, while the elephant mothers said they don’t have to worry, only humans need to worry. At this time, the camera turns to the human being in the cage next to the tiger cage. This highlights the external strength of the elephant and the loss of inner empathy after it dominates the earth.

The same work is HUNTER×HUNTER created by Fu Jian Yibo. An ant that does not belong to the ground appeared accidentally. She gave birth to an ant king that ruled the world. Mankind understands the pain and despair of being ruled. It also expresses in the story that Ant King gradually understands what compassion is.

When I saw a scene in the past, I always didn't understand why it made me feel uncomfortable. Through this description of the external world, I finally understood that the words and actions of those characters at that time, coupled with the interaction with the environment, emphasized the inner state of the characters. And I resonated with the inner world of the character!

In the summer, insects are singing and the leaves are so hot that they roll up. Two elephant travelers appeared in the zoo with few tourists. The baby elephant in a hoodie hid behind his mother and asked worriedly: "Will the tiger eat us?" The elephant mother smiled and pulled off her sleeve: "Of course not, but humans are afraid "Then their eyes turned to the human cage next to the tiger cage.

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By Zipei Zhong (Fiore)
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Published On: 18/08/2021


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