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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

When night falls, there will be some beautiful meteors falling in the sky, and the creatures on the ground will look up at the amazing scene. One day, there is a plain meteor from the ground and draws an opposite track, runs to the sky.
"You are not beautiful, why try so hard?"laugh from the flowers.
The retracing meteor does not answer but continues to move forward
"You don't belong in the sky. Why follow where you don't belong?" laugh from the birds.
The retracing meteor does not answer but continues to moves forward.
More meteors streak across the sky, and the retracing meteor looks at their beautiful tracks disappear into the earth.
The retracing meteor silently vows to explode in the sky, making the life go burning until the end.
With all the strength, the retracing meteor shot into the clouds. Suddenly, the night sky burst into dazzling and colourful sparks with a loud sound. Everyone looks up, and they are so surprised to see the bright light shining in the night.
After that, the retracing meteor was given a name -- fireworks.

The topic of this week is External Manifestations of the Internal State. Therefore, I wrote this story based on an idea about shooting stars. I let the character get a purpose from an external stimulus and act accordingly. Meteor gives me the feeling is always beautiful but a little bit sad, to make the story more interesting, the meteor goes on the opposite track, to show its inner world is indomitable, working hard and then go burning in this story. It is difficult to know the purpose of the character's actions at the beginning, which is revealed at the climax of the story and gives the audience a sense of enlightenment at the end.

A similar point was made in Ikea advertising (Ikea "Lamp" Commercial - Although the abandoned lamp has no action or dialogue, it can feel a strong sense of powerlessness and sadness when it stands alone on the roadside with garbage and at raining night. And when the audience looks at a new lamp in the direction of the light bulb, people can play the role of the old lamp, triggering the emotional association of "abandonment" and "betrayal".

Through this week's study, I tried to express the inner thoughts of the role through the external world, and let the environment or the performance of others reflect the inner thoughts of the role. Using this method, I was able to render the scene of the story in a more subtle way.

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By Yutian Cai
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Published On: 19/03/2022


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