Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

For this week I want to continue my story about planets for the premise: 

In space each person exist on their own

small planet. Those people are trying to explain to each other what is going on on their planets and trying to get closer by throwing a rope and pulling someone else’s planet closer to their own. But they still can’t visit each other’s planet.

This work examines an idea of individual and unique perception of the world of the each person and inability of people to fully understand each other. A planet - is a personality of each person, shaped by their experience, background and environment. 

As this is an animated work Im able to create a surreal space and environment, experiment with movements of the camera, which will reveal an image from the different angles. 

In the previous submission for this theme I started to write a script and for this week I created a storyboard for that finished part. Also, for this week Im going to continue the story in storyboard and draw an illustration which shows how “orange planets” will look like (where people are fully interconnected with their planets). 

For my story I found a perfect soundtrack, song by Sweden group El Perro Del Mar “Mirrors” The part from lyrics: “I wanna try to see with your eyes if you see through mine, I wanna try”  This is gorgeous and powerful song which goes together with my concept.

As a similar work of course I should mention the story of Exupery "Little prince". Little prince lives oh his tiny home planet, the asteroid with a house size. This is fantastic story about the importance of looking beneath the surface to find a real truth and meaning of thing. 

And another visually similar example is an animated music clip Pleasure - Back to you The main character also lives on his own tiny planet and we can observe his life there in the beginning of the clip. He is separated with his love and in the clip methaphor for it - their life on different planets. But he finds a way to come back to her.

I think I can use in my animation methods from this animated film where the animator shows surreal environment and existence of the character on his planet. For example, nice moment when the camera is stable, but planet is moving and the main character walks on the surface.

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By Yana Fidan
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Published On: 09/06/2022






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