Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week's topic discusses what a story is and how to make a good one. In this week, we chose a theme by discussing and thinking about many key words and plots to conceive its general plot and its implied meaning. This week is an exploration of our minds, teaching us how to turn some sparks of inspiration into a story.

In 'Cloud Cover', ( , an animated short film, the authors use the cloud as the container of negative emotions. In the animation, the protagonist gets rid of the cloud of sadness through his own struggle and efforts.

I hope that in my work, I can express a mood through an object. I choose to compare roses to memories of old people with Alzheimer's disease and nostalgia for the past. In the end, the withered rose in the old woman's hand could represent her forgotten lover, everything she had experienced in the past, or her slowly fading memories.

some key points:

  • the rose in the vase
  • the old person loitered here
  • she doesn't remmber what she wants to do
  • here is a rose and a bottle of medicine
  • she reached for the rose
  • she sat on the bed by the window, and she looked quietly at the rose
  • the wind blew the window open
  • what was she thinking?
  • young
  • she was standing and there was a  loud noise in the distance
  • she is running 
  • on the way, she saw her lover, her parents, her friends, and her yong self
  • a sound of crying
  • the baby is her
  • she wants to hug the baby
  • suddenly, there is only a withered rose in her hand

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By Lu Zhang Luna
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Published On: 01/03/2022




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