Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

characters: big monkey, little monkey
Location: Supermarket
Action: 1: The little monkey stole the banana and hid, the big monkey wanted to stop it.

What If bananas cannot be eaten as a toy?

2.The little monkey replaced the real banana with a fake banana.

What If the little monkey's move was successful?

What if the little monkey's hard work has not been rewarded?

The father and son monkeys traveled a long distance to a roadside supermarket. The supermarket looks a bit broken and the fruit is not very fresh. Even the boss has not appeared in the supermarket for a long time. The penniless and hungry little monkey finally Unable to bear it, he grabbed a banana and ran away from the supermarket. When his father saw it, he rushed out to chase the little monkey and shouted: "You fool! You are holding a toy. Don't eat it! Come back! "

The father and son monkeys came to a beautiful newly opened supermarket. The dazzling lights and gorgeous furnishings let the monkeys know that the goods inside must be extremely expensive. Father's attention was attracted by the wine next to him, and the little monkey was attracted by a banana that looked very delicious. At this time, the little monkey came up with an idea. He took out a toy banana from his pocket and swapped the position with a delicious banana! That night when the little monkey was about to take it out to eat, he found that the banana was gone! Father shouted: "Are you looking for your toy? I threw it to our dog to play with!"

This week I explored what a story is through the three elements of character, location and action. And what makes a story complete and credible.

By using the three elements of he character, location and action, I learned to create a story and think through 3 different directions at the same time. Highlighting each part can bring a different effect to the whole story. And these The description of the content through animation makes me feel more immersive.

This story is inspired by the video <<WIND>> ( played in the classroom.His work illustrates the adaptation of humans to the environment by comparing the wind of the scene with the actions of the characters. The perfect combination of character, place and action gives the story a strong narrative!
In the past, when I created a story, I always thought of the plot in a linear way and added it to the story. At this time, I often fell into deep thought and couldn't continue my story. After I finished this lesson, I redefine what a story is and have a certain understanding of the special abilities of anime. I start from the three basic elements to create a story, when I can’t let the story continue. , I started to try to find inspiration from the root!
What will happen at the location? What can be posted?
What are the characters' personalities and attributes? How will they choose?
What are the results and reasons of the action?
These three elements lead the story and give me a new understanding of the story!

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By Zipei Zhong (Fiore)
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Published On: 22/07/2021


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