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During the first week of Animated Narratives I got familiar with brainstorming and ideating ideas that can tell a story in a way that would not be possible in the ‘real world’.

I came up with a simple imagery of a man falling in love with a woman, but depicted in an absurd manner that makes the whole thing quite comical. I depicted my idea by brainstorming a sequence of events in class, and then sketching out simple scenes.

My work could be compared to early episodes of shows like Tom and Jerry and The Looney Toons, which has often depicted its characters falling in love in absurd ways (For example. the skunk character getting money eyed over a cat, or Tom trying to impress another pretty cat). I want to take inspiration from the kind of simplistic creativity and humor in these shows that I grew up with.

This first week was all about getting my mind into the practice of thinking outside the box and creating a foundation to base my future work in this course.

The Idea

A man smells the perfume of a woman passing by and sneezes his heart out

Story Outline

  • A man passes by a woman, smells her perfume
  • He takes a huge whiff, and sneezes his heart out
  • The heart gravitates straight towards the woman and follows her around
  • The woman tries to shoo the heart away, annoyed
  • Eventually she steps inside an elevator and the doors close before the heart makes it through
  • The heart falls down, and breaks

This idea can be representative of the themes of short-term, fleeting attraction as well as heartbreak in a humorous manner.

About This Work

By Devika Menon
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Published On: 24/03/2022




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