Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This work explores the concepts of timing and anticipation as part of my process in developing my animatic. After narraowing down which idea to pursue for the next folio, I wanted to start by focusing on the pacing of my visual narrative. maybe more so then any genre, pacing and anticipation is incredibly important to the horror genre, particularly when creating an uneasy atmosphere.

The pacing in this animatic is deliberately slow, the reasons are numerous but the primary goal being to communicate the atmosphere of the setting to the audience (in this case calm stillness with a hint of unease). That sense of unease is streched for all it's worth as the tension and curiosity of the story increases, before giving way to a dramatic and shocking moment. Although sound plays a major role in this effect as well (which will be explored further in the coming weeks) the precise nature of timing in horror can make the difference in an engaging experince for the audience and is something i will continue to tinker with throughout the project.

My related work for this week mainly involved research into the horror genre, including a deep dive essay into "why media scares us" by youtuber "super eyepatch wolf".

Further academic research into great practitioners of horror such as

Alfred Hitchcock

And Satoshi Kon

Although this Directors play in different mediums, their different approaches share a common ground when it comes to the fundementals of timing and pacing in horror. By studying and analysing these techniques, I hope to implement these methods effectively and effiecently.


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By James Elms
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Published On: 03/05/2021








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