Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

MAGI Studio 1 Folio 2

Focus of this week was on TIME. In animation, time is elastic and mutable, can shift and change, moving in loops, backwards and upwards. Time can slow down, speed up, freeze and skip. 

My premises for this week were:

1. In the factory, the process goes into opposite direction, finished objects are separated into parts/ingredients

2. The long slide (like in aqua-park) is able to slow down and speed up the time for sliding person to make experience more interesting

I decided to develop end explore premise with the time-slide. I chose this premise because it offered the idea of an interactive installation, which is playing with time, offered the opportunity to play around time with physical experience. But also I decided that it will be connected with memories.

First concept: The slide is a journey through the memories of another person or animal.

The user goes through this journey, which provides them an understanding about the life of the subject. Memories that are shown are positive and negative, childhood, first love, harmful and others. 

Memories are shown in the tube of the slide, in order they happened in subjects life.


The slide slows down on important moments of their life and speed up on less interesting. 

It loops if it haunting memory, the user feels anxious and disorienting. 

For the significant positive memories: time friezes and the user can consider everything in details, slide flattens out in this moment and the user can walk observing the details of this event. 

A terrifying terrible memory will be experienced with a high incline of the tube and the sudden fall of the user in it. 

Comforting experiences will be translated in a soft light, warm colours, but negative stages in dull colours, atonal sounds.

Second concept (this concept for my premise we developed together with my group during a class):

An aqua slide with light installation, depicting an imaginary journey to next life, from flashback of life to getting reborn.

The experience:

    •    The player starts the slide in a complete dark environment ( rather slow)

    •    Fast flashback of general life of human (from born -> school -> work -> old -> sound of heartbeat stopped) (Steep and fast)

    •    Player enters the spirit world seeing magical scenes (slightly slower)

    •    Player enters an aqua maze that they need to choose their way to get reborn.

    •    After the player reached an exit, they will go through a water screen with a portal projection, player is then "reincarnated" (hearing heartbeat and baby cry sound) (A surprise steepest drop after the water screen)

(Yana, Izac , Yutian)

As a reference work for this topic I want to introduce a musical clip by Bonobo “Kerala”. In this clip, woman appears to be suffering on attack of paranoia, she runs through the streets loosing her mind. But what’s unique in this clip is a repetitive series of on-the-beat cuts. Every scene repeating over and over providing a feeling of disorientation and anxiety. This is the excellent example that time can be felt differently according to our perception of it. Also this effect forces you to pay attention to the things happening around, tiny surrealistic movements, which are happening on the background. 

Second example in this theme is a film “Father” by Florian Zeller. The main character (Antony Hopkins) suffers from dementia. What is deeply scary about ‘the Father’, it puts us inside Antony’s head. We experience with Anthony, step by step, what appears to be the incremental deterioration in his condition, the disorientating time slips and time loops. People morph into other people; situations get elided; the apartment’s furniture seems suddenly and bewilderingly to change; a scene which had appeared to follow the previous one sequentially turns out to have preceded it, or to be Anthony’s delusion or his memory of something else.

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By Yana Fidan
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Published On: 14/05/2022


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