Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In the first week I came up with an IDEA. - "Cloud wants marshmallows". Based on this I drew up this storyboard. In the storyboard I wanted to express the effect of 'the unexpected'.
A similar work called "Wind" by Robert Lobel (2013). There is a moment where the 'wind stops' and everything goes back to normal for a short while, but the next moment it is back to the way it was before.
I hope I have taken inspiration from these works and tried to express this sense of absurdity but humour.
It's only the beginning, so I have a lot to reflect on. It will help me with my next work or my homework.

Bullet Treatment: Original Dot Points

  • Three clouds want to eat marshmallows. But no one wanted to go and buy them.
  • Finally they decided who would go in rock-paper-scissors. But forgot that the clouds had no hands.
  • One of the clouds decided to go by itself.
  • Then it got caught.
  • The other two clouds decided to go to his rescue.
  • Together they were caught.
  • Just as they were discussing how to escape, the boss came up to them.
  • Unwrapped the net and handed them the candy floss.
  • The clouds ate the marshmallows and said goodbye to the boss.
  • Halfway through their meal they remembered that they had forgotten to pay.
  • They threw the money down from the sky and it just hit the boss.
  • The boss had a bun on his head.

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By Zhicheng Tong( Tori )
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Published On: 05/03/2022




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