Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In the first week, we explored “What is a story.” I came up with the idea: “Our negative emotions latch on people like monsters. As the pressure grows, the monster enlarges.” I developed the concept and drew a storyboard based on this premise exercise. In the storyboard, I want to convey that our negative emotions will impact or hurt people around us when emotions are uncontrolled. 

A similar work called“Wind” ( by Robert Lobel (2013) grasped the inherent properties of wind and exaggerated this setting to create a gripping story. Another example is a short animation named “Fears” ( by Nata Metlukh(2015). In this story, the feeling of fear is represented by a small ball attached to the man, who tries relentlessly to get rid of it. But in the end, this little ball helps the man avoid danger.

I learned from these cases that we could get inspiration from many sources and create stories with some invisible objects or a sense of feelings. Plus, contents closely related to our daily life are more likely to resonate with our audience.

Bullet Treatment: Original Dot Points

  • A man is working in the office. Files pile up on his desk, and he is surrounded by some floating black mist representing his negative emotions.
  • Boss walks toward him, and much more black mist is also around his boss.
  • Boss scolds him.
  • The mist is floating around the boss, which starts to transfer to him. A giant monster arose behind him.
  • He returns home, exhausted.
  • All sorts of negative emotions took over his mind, and he yelled at his family.
  • The monster started appearing on his family.

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By Zhiwei Liu (Eva)
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Published On: 06/03/2022


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