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Week 09 - Time

During this week, we know that time can be shifted, changed, moving backward, in loops and so on. Time is mutable and elastic. However, time is passing by every second, what if time can represent eternal? How can time let people know it is infinity in an interactive? That is what I want to explore in this week exercise.

  This interactive work is aimed to helping people record their life or you can regard it as the hole of trees. In this web, you can see a human body but not an ordinary physical body, the natural creatures are growing on this body, such as tree trunks, flowers and bushes, etc. Users can record their day in a variety of formats, such as photos, recordings, or text. When they make a record, a new flower will bloom, or a new shrub will appear on this body. They will become more and more lush with time.

The inspiration is from the quote from Edvard Munch “From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them in them and that is eternity“. I realized that in some way, nature also symbolizes time. The blooming and withering of plants record the changing of the seasons and the passage of time. The constant cycle represents eternity. Therefore I have created this illustration, combining human life and natural life, which expresses the continuation of human life in another form and also show the life of plants to demonstrate a form of eternity.

Similar work is created by Emmanuelle Moureaux (2020)


“Slices of Time” expresses the past, the now and the future through 168,000 small numbers composing 120 “slices” of time, hanged in the space, as a round representation of the earth floating. Composed of 100 layers of numbers in 100 shades of colors and 20 layers of numbers in white, the installation visualizes the next 100 years to come (2020 to 2119) and the past 20 years (2000 to 2019) represented in white.

This work visualizes time and gives it a rich color. It offers the visitor the opportunity to record important dates. This record of time is not only physically visible, the

different vibrant colors bring emotional value to the time as well.

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By Ariel Ruoxuan Fan
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Published On: 24/05/2022


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