Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Week 07 - Sound

Instead of making storyboard, this week I am going to do something different from pervious works to examines the idea of sound in interactive work.

Through this week’s class I have learned that using subjective sound, we can be placed very effectively into the world view of a character, we can hear what they hear, experience sound in the same way that they do. In my interactive work, I want users can experience the feelings of the character through these non-diegetically subjective sounds, imaging what story was happening, having some thinking and generating empathy.

The concept of this interactive work is about language violence and violence against women (VAW). Once we get into the web, we can see a girl is floating in the middle but is covered with scratches. Her body was hurt by many sharp objects, and upon closer inspection will find that these 'sharp objects' are sounds. Some of these sounds are direct voice, such as "You are fat and ugly, no one wants to be with you", 'She deserves it for wearing such a short skirt', etc. There are also ambient sounds, such as harsh jeering, water splashing and screaming, fighting and sobbing, etc. Those sounds bring users to the unseen world and to know the unseen story and characters. These sounds are like sharp daggers that pierce the girls' bodies. Sounds have their own power, and in this case, these sounds represent negative energy, and they cause harm to the girl. But as users we can also do what we can do. In this interactive piece, users can record what they want to say after clicking on any of the voices. It must be positive and positive, and these encouraging words will turn the 'dagger' into a soft flower that floats next to the girl and will also be heard by other users.

Similar project is created by Linden Gledhill (

He uses cymatics technique to transform sound into variety photographs. People are no longer experiencing sound just as an exclusively auditory experience but can actually see it. I got inspiration from this project, sound can be visualization and it has its own power.

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By Ariel Ruoxuan Fan
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Published On: 02/05/2022


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