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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The keyboard without labels
-All the symbals printed on the keybaord will be erased. -The functions of each button will be reassigned with something else, which might be sound, or visuals through projections. Players will have to test each button out. (I was thinking there are so many every-day objects or even people are fixated on certain shapes/perceptions and we are not aware of these stereotypes. Perhaps taking away some of the rules of using the objects could create something else fun?)

This story examined the theme of new narrative form. By expressing and reinterpreting the purpose of everyday object, keyboard, I am able to toy around with the mismatch of expectations and surprising feedback in form of interaction. 
A similar work is done by Refik Anadol which is an interactive installation with generative visual effects in a frame. It reflects on the idea of the content within a frame does not have to be static element.

Through the feedback from Kate, I decided to frame my concept as a audio-visual interactive installation, in which the player will experiment with different labelless buttons on the keyboard. Every key triggers different sounds and visuals on the projected screen in the exhibition area.

Anadol, R., 2021. NGV Triennial. [video] Available at: <> [Accessed 11 May 2022].

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By Izac, Kin Kui Ho
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Published On: 18/05/2022






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