Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Previous intention: Animated ‘comic’ -middle place between illustration and animation.


      As my studio 3 work was about the light shadow and colour performance in 2d animation, I think I will keep exploring more about the emotional atmospheric moments and scenes in 2d animation, that is less about the story, but use more cinematography language to approach a certain emotional setting within a location. This approach as well as related to my intention about an ‘animated comic’, it differ to the traditional comic, but more likely to be refined storyboards. It could be performed as vignettes animatic, to give ideas of how to define animation in cinematographic languages.

Context and Methods:

Apart from the traditional hand drawn 2d animation, I would like to develop this project in either motion graphical methods or in live 2d with riggings, because it would allowed more detailed images to be animated. 

Traditional motion comics via aftereffects and riggings.

  1. Watch men motion comic:
  2. The walking dead motion comic:
  3. ‘Sacrificing The Few For The Many”
  4. related tutorials:

Use of live 2d to make animation.

Live 2d

Live2d animation:

Beyond creation:

The lamp man:

Other references:

A new approach for animated comic that is interactive

The outcome:

The final assets could include: A refined storyboard, character design, rigged characters(images) for at least 3-4 scenes.

Now I want to find more cinematography techniques to be applied in animation style, which include exaggerated emotions and abstracted ideas.

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Published On: 30/06/2020