Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

My plan for Folio 2 is to build on the work I completed in Folio 1, further exploring the production process for 2D animation based on the same script. The work will continue to look at the visual language of emotion, and the various techniques for visually communicating emotion, this time through story art.

By the end of Folio 2 my aim is to have a small number artworks that will form the key story art for a number of scenes or moments from the script. These pieces will need to convey ideas about the emotion, tone and narrative of the scene and the world, but will above all serve as reference for the look and feel of the story.

In order to test this new style, and improve my understanding of the role story art plays in 2D animation, my hope is that I will have the time at the end of the folio to apply the style to the animation tests I completed during folio 1, exploring the process of moving from visual concepts to final production art.


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By Tom Nickeas
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Published On: 21/09/2020






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