Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

While working on the game's mechanics, I encountered some significant errors, particularly with the inspection feature. Initially, it functioned smoothly, but as we added more models, it inexplicably stopped working. Resolving this issue has consumed a considerable amount of my time in recent days.

Additionally, I faced unexpected challenges with the textures on the game's landscape. Suddenly, they turned pitch black, necessitating a complete recreation of the entire landscape. It's astonishing to see how many difficulties can arise during game development. Even the slightest bug or problem has the potential to disrupt the entire game. It often feels like every action is a roll of the dice, bringing both excitement and uncertainty.

Currently, the game includes a camera feature that allows players to take screenshots of their surroundings. While it may not serve a practical purpose beyond capturing images, I believe it adds a nice touch to the immersive experience. Given that this is a walking simulator game, these small details can enhance the overall player engagement.

Furthermore, I've begun incorporating audio recordings into the game. Although not all of them have been implemented yet, I have added the necessary audio files up to the first location. Moving forward, my plan is to complete the remaining models and sound recordings for the second part of the game within the next three weeks. If time permits, I will also dedicate effort to polishing the game and, ideally, introduce the third location.

Currently, in the second location, I am constructing a hunting lodge that will feature a small key search task. While the overall focus of the game is on providing a walking simulator experience without extensive puzzles, I believe adding some immersive elements like the key search task can enhance the gameplay and provide players with a sense of purpose and engagement.

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By Cantug Sahiner James
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Published On: 01/06/2023