Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I began working on my new game during week five of this project. To ensure a smooth development process, I started by creating a comprehensive list of the models required in the game. This step is crucial because if I overdo it and include too many models, I might struggle to finish the game on time. Apart from the models, there are several other elements I need to incorporate into the game.

First and foremost, I focused on creating the models for the camping area. This included camping beds, tents, desks, maps, lamps, and tin cans. However, I must keep in mind that there might be additional models I can add once I assemble everything in the Unreal Engine. Crafting these models alone requires a significant amount of time, and as a result, I might have to scale back my initial plan of having three different locations in the game. It's becoming apparent that modeling all three spaces simultaneously is a daunting task, especially considering there are other aspects of the game that require attention.

In addition to the models, I also need to invest time in crafting engaging stories, implementing exciting features, and working on game design, level design, and sound elements. Balancing all these components will be a challenge.

As I progress with the development, I will continue to make adjustments and prioritize the most essential aspects of the game. Flexibility and adaptability will be key as I navigate through the development process. With careful planning and dedication, I'm confident that I can deliver a remarkable game that captures the players' imagination.

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By Cantug Sahiner James
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Published On: 31/05/2023