Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I was a little vague in the process of making works before. Thanks to Matt, I have compiled some materials under his suggestion and listed them here. Thanks to my friend shika for helping me sort out my thinking.
Concept sources of inspiration
The novel-The garden of forking paths by Jorge Luis Borges
Works on Loops and Transitions-When Umineko Cries | Future Diary
                                                     Satoshi Kon's work

The philosophical concept of symmetry-Tai Chi theory
Research on experimental animation:
1. Henri Matisse-abstract oil painting
2. Yokoo Tadanori’s posts
3. Len Lye: An artist in perpetual motion Abstract Animation by Pamela Turner
5. Thompson, James. Rhythm and Texture: Reflections on Noisiness in Sound and Vision by Thompson, James (2014). Web.

inspiration for the flower motion:

1.Orlandoo Mee

2.Joshua Davis

3.Paul Fletcher-Expanding Petals

When writing the value of the work, I found that experimental animation can also be used in the field of scientific data analysis
1.Cognitive effects of animated visualization in exploratory visualdata analysis
2. Storytelling via Navigation: A Novel Approach to Animation for Scientific Visualization

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Published On: 03/11/2020