Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


It depicts a barren, cold world in which a lone knight marches toward the only beacon of hope; A beautiful golden city. When a knight's path is blocked by a foolproof monster, the knight must fight to achieve his goal. It was made by the CG art students at the VIA university college animation studio in Viborg, Denmark. In fact, the most interesting part of it is that I think they can use 2D software to draw characters and buildings in such a three-dimensional way. I even think they use 3D to assist the production that Shows the stone pit that falls from the sky, ground is broken, beautiful palace anaglyph. Let me admire its integrity.

"Valley of White Birds"

The short film is a collaboration between the author and Chong Zuo Dao You studio. I was attracted by the ink style of the animation. I'm a little bit impressed by the technology behind this 2D animation and its Ideas are a bit like fairy tales. The bird flew away, the water flow like a dragon, the camera's wide rotation gave me a lot of inspiration.

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By Ivy Wang
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Published On: 22/05/2020








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