Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Folio 1 Plan 

RATIONALE: Intention

Yangkai Huang and I are going to form a team and work together on this project. We are planning to design and build a 2d action-adventure game. I will mainly response for the work in unity game engine while Yangkai will work for art.

By discussing with my partner Yangkai, we are both interested in metroidvania game and dark souls like game. We are expecting to design a boss battle in folio 1, focusing on the experience of against between player and boss. We would like to keep developing this project for folio 2 and are keep connecting to make plan on it.

Context: Field

Yangkai and I are both fan of dark souls and want to bring its game play experience in to 2d game. By exchanging our ideas and doing some research, we found that the game “Hollow Knight”, “Salt and Sanctuary”, “Ender Lilies: Quietus of Knight” are outstanding with the same field and these games could be great guides for our project.


In this project, I will mainly focus on the gameplay functions and player interactions in unity game engine including character controls, collision & physics, attack/damaged system, player animation controller, boss AI & animation controller, hit reactions, visual effects, sound effects, functions for UI interaction etc...

Production: Tools

Me and Yangkai will work separately in the first few weeks then form our work together to have a complete scene. The purpose for us to work separately in different fields is to make our work progress more effective. We want that our artwork (character, animation) can be joined into a playable scene with complete functions when it is finished. So, we are dividing the project into two parts including artwork and game engine work and each of us is picking one of them as our major work. We will keep connecting and discussing to make sure we are on the same direction, when our works are finished and came together, we hope to have a completely playable boss battle scene with good experience.

I will work on game engine as my major work in this project. Unity will be the main software for me to be used for project development.

In week 1, me and my partner is discussing the gameplay progress, art style, animation details to make sure that we are both on the same direction and list everything we need to have in our gameplay. And I’m starting to make player controller this week.

In week 2, I will focus on player & boss collisions & physics, also do a health system for player and boss to damage each other. A simple UI will be made to test the health system. There will be no character or animation artwork needed in the first 2 weeks.

In week 3, I will begin to develop player animation controllers which is using for relating player’s interactions and animation together, I will also write scripts to call functions and control animations.

In week 4, I’m going to develop boss animation controller and boss AI.

In week 5 – 6, keeping developing boss combat, sound effects, fix bugs and prepare presentation.


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