Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Folio #2 Plan


Why are you doing what you are doing?

In the beginning of the semester, I wanted to create a 2.5D low poly diorama. As I worked on this project and did more research, my idea shifted from this to building a 3D interactive game. I wanted to build a small interactive game where the players can walk around a town to find hidden corgis.

The reason why I wanted to make a game is that by expanding the scene and adding interactions, sounds and objectives, it becomes more immersive and enjoyable.


Who else is doing what you're doing?

The fields of my work fall within game design, 3D environment design and 3D animation.

The artist who influenced my work is Suyoung Jang, the founder of Kiwi Walks and the game director of one of my favorite game series Witch Spring. He was in charge of designing the 3D art and models throughout the 4 series and I took inspiration from his low poly art style.

Two practitioners I mentioned in Folio #1 whose works continue inspiring me:

  • Hayao Miyazaki

Most of my inspirations come from Studio Ghibli animation films. For example, the bath house in Spirited Away, the giant walking castle in Howl's Moving Castle and the Borrower's house The Secret World of Arrietty.

A Chinese artist I follow on ArtStation who does amazing isometric 2D art.


How will you work?

The initial sketch of the town will be drawn on paper. Then, I will create the base models and textures in Maya. I will later import and assemble them in Unity. The animations and interactions will be done by using the Unity package Playmaker. The background music will be created in Garageband. Lastly, I will record my progress and edit the videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.


How will you make the work?

Week 7 - Design the map of the town, write down a list of items to be included in the scene. Circle out the interactive items for different group structures when modelling.

Week 8 - Create the base models and apply textures.

Week 9 - Import the base models to the game scene and assemble them according to the town map. Tweak lightings and post processing to create the nostalgic atmosphere.

Week 10 - Start adding animations and interaction triggers. Create custom cursor for the game.

Week 11 - Continue with making animations.

Week 12 – Create and add sounds to the scene. Record timelines for the video.

About This Work

By Yunshu Shu (Maggie)
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Published On: 20/04/2021








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