Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
  1. Rationale/ Intention:
  • My intention is to continue challenging myself with my time-piece experiment in creating an experimental 3D futuristic ‘Souls-like’ environment, worthy of a boss battle with a focus on lighting.
  • This is to take on the other half of the challenge/experiment from my Folio1 Project. And having a greater understanding of the ‘Souls-like’ genre, I believe I am more ready to handle creating a ‘souls-world’ in a bigger aspect, in a full environment that one would typically see than a smaller niche interactive experience set in the modern-day era.
  1. Context: Field
  • This project sits within the game design, environmental/level design and potentially  the ‘speedrunner’ field.
  • Two people immediately come to mind,
    • “VaatiVidya” (Vaati) – Which I used as reference for Folio 1
      A Youtuber/Twitch Streamer and a prominent figure in the Dark Souls lore universe who was very helpful for the world creation process in Folio1.

  • “heyZeusHeresToast” (Zeus) – Which I’ll use for reference in what players like in their levels, what works and doesn’t work.
    A notorious Bloodbourne speedrunner and Twitch Streamer. (Multiple appearances in AGDQ - Awesome Games Done Quick, a large speedrunning charity event)
  • Other notable studios are: Japan Studios (Playstation), Bluepoint Games (Demon Souls Remake), and FromSoftware (Dark Souls) – Bandai Namco Souls Series.

  1. Method
  • The studio work will help support my intention in a hands-on fashion, allowing for learning of lighting and helping my level/environmental design skills.
  • Softwares: Unity (Game Engine), Maya (3D Modelling software)
  • Research and development documentation: Microsoft Word, Pen and Paper, Google Docs/Drive
  • Consultations/Interviews with the avid Souls Genre community member from Folio1
  1. Production:  Tools
  • Week 1:
    • In Field research and consultation within the souls-like community.
  • Week 2:
    • Concepting and sketching the environment/level for the
    • Greyboxing the sketched environment in Maya, imported onto Unity.
    • Basic Lighting in Unity
  • Week 3:
    • 3D Modelling key elements/environmental placements.
    • Greyboxing and changing environment/level as needed or suggested.
    • Colors added with Lighting in Unity
  • Week 4:
    • Testing/Playtests
    • Revisions of the environment if needed.
    • 3D Modelling key elements/environmental assets
    • Lighting, Color, Emissions, maybe Shaders
  • Week 5:
    • Continued (re)modelling of environment, key elements, concepts, and implementation of assets.
    • Playtesting
    • Lighting, Color, Emissions, maybe Shaders
    • 3D Modelling key elements/environmental assets
  • Week 6:
    • Revisions of the environment if needed.
    • Lighting, Color, Emissions, maybe Shaders

About This Work

By Pei-Ju Lai (Janifer)
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Published On: 26/04/2021








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