Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Link to short film here: (headphones recommended) 

This week I created a short film test exploring the potential of soundscapes as a form of storytelling. I was interested in the idea of navigating a space through sound and how that might augment your perception of reality or your ability to interface with the world around you. I wanted to see if I could find familiar sounds in unfamiliar places and to test if that could work as the basis for navigation.

In the interactive version of this work, the player would be free to focus in on any particular sound and as they focus, new sounds would emerge and overlap allowing them to navigate through a landscape of sounds. Interactivity would be leveraged here to enable the audience to immerse themselves in this unique interface of sound, gradually gaining the fluency to navigate the soundscape.

In Other Waters by Jump Over the Age ( is a narrative driven video game where you assume the role of an AI assistant aiding in the exploration and discovery of xenobiology. As you do not have a body you are left to imagine the alien landscape around you through descriptions and soundscapes captured by your human companion. This limitation shifts the way in which you interface with and navigate the space.

As a game designer, I am predominantly interested in the user experience of my work and have often approached story elements as just one of many tools that can be leveraged to enhance an experience. I am often more interested in the behaviours or feelings that I can provoke through storytelling over the story itself. I feel this approach is at odds with typical story development processes which is maybe why I have struggled to wrap my head around narrative.


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By Duncan Corrigan
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Published On: 07/09/2021


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