Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Methods: Procreate 2D drawing
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During weeks 10 and 11, character design was the
part I spend most time. This is my first attempt to
use a full story in animation with multiple
characters. The initial goal of my IOL was to make
each character appear more dynamic, to enrich the
overall animation design with more secondary
actions. But in the later attempts, I found that it is
more difficult to maintain a balance in the picture,
the audience's attention will always only be on one
central point, so when some characters need to be
dynamic, the processing of other characters
becomes a question. So I designed one of the three
human characters to be lively, lazy and calculating.
Although they all look alike, these characteristics
make the whole story more logical. I can also lead
the audience attention just focus on one character
each time by using different angles.

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By Meg Gong
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Published On: 07/11/2022






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