Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This work examines the theme of family by use of animation to express the manifestation of trauma and inter-personal relations within society. This work is best as an animation as the medium allows for difficult topics to be discussed in a light hearted way enabling the viewer to come to their realization on their own terms. By using chickens as my characters; I am able to depict fear and trauma in unique ways that are relatable enabling the viewer to digest difficult topics in a non-confrontational way. This work is similar to the work of Ben Bocquelet,  who created The Amazing World of Gumball which is a show on Cartoon Network with particular praises for its extensive references to popular and internet culture, sarcasm, subtle innuendos, and dark humour. Although a family comedy show, Gumball also handles serious subject matters, including philosophymarriagecyberbullyingpolitical intolerancemental illness, and the human condition. With my work ; I would like to explore the themes of family, racism, fear, migration and anarchy


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By Monique Kemboi
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Published On: 05/11/2021