Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Today’s exercise was really fun because I’ve been cooped up in the quarantine and this was good inspiration for me

My first struggle with the exercise was shifting gears away from my normal method of practice and trying new things. In this sense, I was automatically thinking of ways to represent the found objects within their origins and intended purposes without considering what else I could do with them.

I started with a mind map and challenged myself to find new purposes for these objects. What if a collection of ballet shoes became a sinister monster? Could a creepy doll I found clean the inside of its glass case? 

I made three products over the course of this class, and my final object is a 3 second stop motion animation of a ballet shoe creature slithering over a fireplace.

one of the objects I made is a short gif of a creepy doll cleaning it's glass case. This was fun to make but the concept is problematic in that it doesn't entirely link to the theme of found objects. I made a story with the found object, but I could have explored more ways to play with the creepy doll.

the trickiest part of making the final stop motion video was figuring out ways to make the shoes dangle over the fireplace for shots in which they would be falling down. I got around this by securing them to heavier objects like a pair of pliers and a hammer, then draping them over.

I am really happy with this piece in how I managed to try a new medium (stop motion) that I haven’t really used before, and how I incorporated what I have learned from the studio and animated narratives in it

Something that I would have liked to have done differently is have a higher quality set up in terms of lighting and staging. Since the setting is also a found object in itself, it still works, but the quality of the animation doesn’t feel great to me.

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By Hattie Read
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Published On: 19/03/2020


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