Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Based on the quick sketch exercise I did with other students in Week 5, I wanted to test animating big distinct shapes and emerging rectangles for the drums, as I feel like they have a big booming sound amonst a buildup rumble.

This was my process:

  1. Using squiggly lines to show the buildup rumble, and then with explosive angular shapes for the drum hits - felt a bit messy.
  2. Tried redrawing the squiggly lines with a different brush and opacity, and I think this works better with the concentric circles to represent drum hits
  3. The rising rectangle that shook was kinda interesting and fits well with the rumble, but I got stuck with how to represent the drum hits
  4. Tried combining the two and didn't work well.
  5. Tried playing around with vertical lines only to pay tribute to the rising rectangles. Interesting concept, I didn't mind this, but felt it didn't capture the rumble as well as the squiggling lines.

Again, due to time constraints, I had to settle with an animation that I felt could be more refined. But I still managed to squeeze in a few iterations here.

Stop: Stop rushing the animations, as people can tell.

Start: Maybe play around with the emerging rectangles a bit more if I have time.

Keep: Keep going! Last stretch!

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By Helen Kwok
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Published On: 23/10/2019






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