Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Based on the quick sketch exercise I did with other students in Week 5, I wanted to test animating circular and blobby shapes for the clarinet, as I feel like it has a very "round" quality to its sound.

This was my process:

  1. This first test with the bulging shapes didn't work out (I think I was still in Oboe land).
  2. Really liked the flowing and pulsing dots. The effect where it fades from one place to another was really cool - came about through a happy accident and trial and error. I also liked the wonkyness of the circles.
  3. I liked these merging blobs! I thought it suited the clarinet piece really well, and had a sense of roundedness to it that suited the tonal quality of the clarinet.

I had a lot of fun with animating the clarinet, as I felt it had much shorter sounds I could animate to (compared to the rest of the instruments which had long "decays" when the sound fades off, making the process really repetitive to animate).

Stop: Stop being too perfect with the shapes. Some wonkiness is good.

Start: Maybe don't have to animate the instruments in the same order as Peter and the Wolf. Switch instruments if I'm feeling bored.

Keep: Keep experimenting as sometimes happy, unplanned accidents can bring out the best work.

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By Helen Kwok
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Published On: 27/09/2019






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