Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme : Time as material

Context: Games and experiences playing with time mechanics deliver a very interesting experience, similarly in movies time plays an important role in unfolding a story. 

'SuperHot' is a game where time moves when you move. A very interesting concept and fascinated by it I dived straight into playing the VR version. it's definitely a very interesting environment to bem in.

Method Mechanics to move time when an object moves.

A time movement mechanics done in unity which takes in user input via leap motion and increments time.timescale according to the amount of vector3(first position) -(minus) updated position of a realtime object. In this case - second bone of middle finger of the tracked leap motion left hand. 
Can be further modified to add multiple objects/bone structures which can be averaged together to affect the time.timescale 

The cubes are scripted to just rotate infinitely. Also, gravity and rigid bodies behave weirdly with this and will need some special consideration while setting up. The MIN and Capvelocity in main szscript needs to  be experimented with to get the fluid interaction.

This can be used to create really interesting interactive experiences and game mechanics.



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By Sahaj Garg
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Published On: 06/05/2019