Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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The objective for our team in the Playable City Brunswick walking tour is to develop and produce prototype projects towards how urban play can reconnect us to the lived experience of our cities. The walking tour is located in the Brunswick design district, and spans 4 interactive projects that lead into each other through a time-travel journey. The Brunswick Ball is an outdoor interactive-projection installation and is one of the parts of the Playable City Brunswick walking tour titled: A Maker’s Trail.

The Brunswick Ball aims to connect members of the community with the environment, through the universality of music, movement, and nature.

The Brunswick Ball is a 1950’s-present themed outdoor interactive-projection prototype, focused on movement and music-making through environmental interaction and motion capture. Participants that interact with their environment generate sounds/music that also creates visual projections. Participants may also choose to move or dance in a designated area that captures their motions which adds to the projections.

The physical environment (rocks) is used as sound & visuals generating input (the band). Motion tracking is used to capture people’s movements that is projected on the windows (the dancers).

The projected visuals on the windows intends to suggest the visual silhouettes of people inside the Library having a ball.

•We have pitched our final project ideas to Troy, Kiera from RMIT engagement, and The Council of Moreland, which we received very good feedback. I’m very grateful to be part of a team that are all intending to pursue play-testing and launching the event even after the semester has ended. In the next few weeks, we will plan to market and showcase A Maker’s Trail finally, in an outdoor setting and ideally on-site.

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