Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

What is Sukuthesia?

Sukuthesia is a piano arcade rhythm game allowing a range of players from 8 to 94023 years old to practice the song they like without having to worry about the music theory behind piano, including music sheets.

This project is a combination of three components:

  • A game software
  • A physical arcade
  • A companion app (work in progress, optional)

In order to make this game possible, aligning the data from a MIDI file displayed on a wide screen and the keys on a piano is mandatory.

What was done prior to this semester?

  • Core game mechanic
  • UI animations
  • Most UI panels
  • Gameplay POC
  • Arcade shell
  • Overall design complete

What did I do during this semester?

  • Built the rest of the arcade (sheets on the top of the shell)
  • Painted the arcade
  • Soldered, a lot..
  • Attached the LEDs, created the electronics, etc
  • Assembled a computer to run the arcade (setting it up, etc)
  • Built the piano keyboard tray
  • Added several more menus in the game
  • Polished mechanics, bug fixed, etc
  • Added the ability to load external data (pendrive & cloud)
  • Added the ability to load "raw midi data" from external drive (rather than with the data file generated from the software or editor)
  • Created the v0.1 POC of the companion app, currently talking with the Appearition Cloud
  • A lot more

So, what does it look like?

In-Editor Video (v0.24):
Real-Time Video (v0.23):
Companion App POC (v0.1):
Hidden Menu (v0.24):

Lastly, here are the required information for the submission, hidden behind a secret menu which can be triggered by a RFID ring.


Without going into details, I am mostly happy with this project. While it is fantastic and probably by far the best thing I've ever crafted, there's still a long road ahead.

Honestly speaking, I burned out half-way through the semester from overworking myself. While the outcome was ready by then, I feel like I could've accomplished a lot more if I didn't. I need to take a break from this project..

But hey, the game's stable!

Now time to sleep.. Until MAGI Expo.

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