Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This initial strawman plan is my pre-studio thinking on a project approach of short experiments to explore the nature of VR in education and science communication of indigenous astronomical knowledge. The goal of the experiments is to build a culturally sensitive process we can trust to put the tools for immersive scientific storytelling into the hands of those who are the custodians of their stories.

This experimental approach could be 3 week iterations of sketching, scripting, making, showing and reflecting. The goal is to form a small group to make things, learn through making and iteratively learn how long it takes to make as we develop a process for future making.

If I map this approach onto semester 1 dates this could run twice in the semester, with indigenous astronomy post-grad students, with the same group running through these steps twice, or take two groups through these steps, each time learning and improving. This is using agile terminology so each run through the 3 weekly iterations is a sprint, so this would be two sprints with the students, while sprint 0 is an initial bootstrap effort to set goals, design the approach and prepare the tools as much as possible

To take this a step further to help picture how this might work we could be looking at 4 showcases where we show what we’ve made…

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By Amanda Belton
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Published On: 16/02/2021


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