Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Abstract and Inquiry

I am making an animation to depict solitude, a concept that I was inspired by a book.I did a survey amongst my peers to ask what kind situations they feel lonely.I demonstrate those moments they mention into my animation.During the animation there's a space shifting between real life and surreal world that demonstrates how the protagonist drowned in the solitude emotion and trying to find helpers but failed. Through a practice-based methodology I found out the 'rabbit hole' motif could help me accomplish the goal of structuring the story.The concept of down to rabbit hole motifs is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which illustrates the act of involving into a bizarre or disoriented environment that is difficult to remove oneself from.It builds a surreal world that anything could happen and everything is reasonable. According to the rabbit hole idea, I designed a motif of a fictional fall to a surreal world that continues telling the story .I found rabbit holede signs of motifs and transitions could bring the dynamic of narrating a story.And all the designs couldn't form without symbols. Like the dream symbol ,the creatures in Alice’s wonderland,The symbols in my animation all convey that my character can't do face to face communication  and has to express herself through the internet. so,For an animator, the method and ability of creating a rabbit hole for animations is a great approach to convey a story vividly.         


I remember Matt mentioned about how Chris to do a project ,he keeps working on it ,then the concept and idea will emerge.I am about the same ,and it is the key of my practice-based research. Maybe that's why my project was planned to be presented by 2d ,but I finished it with 3d.I was suffering while  having fun.

This is the first time I did a human character in 3d. I 've explored plenty of rigging research. Everything I run into a problem ,I do some related research and fix it. I know I shouldn't focus on the technical part, but the fact is it is quite important for us to finish the project, to present the final result. So I am pretty happy that I've gained lots of technical skills. I was so excited when I finished the rigging of my protagonist. Like I told my friends, the project is a gate for me to explore human characters in 3D.Now I am pretty confident that I could  finish a human character animation on my own.It's a significant growth for my professional career.

Here's a preview of my outcomes,there is one shot still under construction,but I'll finish and refine it soon.


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By Chloe Ma
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Published On: 28/10/2020