Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Finsihed the functioning prototype alpha of the mobile app: THE MUSEUM OF HUMANKIND

There is also haptic feedback in parts, which enhances the overall experience.

This functioning prototype alpha was made in collaboration with the acclaimed Purple Magic aka Hizi.

(Android version)


There is little use of mobile AR in storytelling, however there is a rich opportunity to experiment and innovate in this space.

Wallace and Gromit AR ‘The Big Fix Up’ is likely the first AR experience of its kind and the VR experience A Fisherman’s Tale (an interactive ‘chapter book’) and The Line, are related examples of interactive narrative that use narration as a key way to interact with the player and drive the story forward.

The Museum of Humankind is a functioning prototype alpha of a mobile app which comprises one scene of a narration-led, mobile AR narrative.

It shows how narrative can be used in an interactive mobile AR experience in a way that captures a traditional movie-going audience and pushes the boundaries of storytelling in this relatively new medium.

This one scene from the 'Museum of Humankind' mobile AR experience will hopefully help extend expressive storytelling in the medium of mobile AR and serve as a distinct format for interactive mobile AR storytelling.

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By Rachael Thompson
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Published On: 16/11/2020