Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Created using the resource Pablo showed us last week called Thisissand:

Some interesting points of reflection:

  • The reason why I wanted to play around with this tool was because the patterns on the site reminded me of weaving / textile patterns, which is related to my Playable City Brunswick project - Heartree
  • The tool is available as a browser web app and on mobile - I found the experience doing these sketches much more satisfying on my iPad
  • I found the overall creation process very therapeutic - it takes a long time to build a piece using grains of "sand"
  • I opted with the random colour selection for all the pieces, as I wanted to focus on the sketching of each piece rather than colour selection
  • There's something quite scary and liberating about not having an undo option. If my finger is too slow or fast, sand may appear in places that I didn't intend to... but that's when happy accidents happen, and for me it's learning to embrace those imperfections (which actually makes the piece more organic and unique)
  • The texture of the sand and the way the colours blend reminds me of watercolour on paper

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By Helen Kwok
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Published On: 06/04/2020








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