Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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Multiverse is an interactive immersive 360 hybrid AR-VR music experience, subtly hinting on the parallels between the dream world,Astral planes and the Waking Reality all joined together through fractal forces of nature.A journey in the inner cosmic space and exploring the long hidden myths around the Pineal gland, seat of the soul.

It exploits the current AR-VR technologies and delivers one of the richest Mixed Reality experience to current date.

End Goal
Objective of this exploration was to create one of most rich hybrid AR-VR experience. To create immersive playful exploratory spaces  creating the first sense of awe and sensory floating feeling.

Audience and Safety
General: The content is very mild in impact, though the experience
itself can be of high impact given that its an hybrid XR experience.
15+ age Group. Anyone with serious heart conditions or seizure
history should consider precaution.
Make enough space and stay alert of the surroundings before going
in the experience, plug out of the experience if it feels super dizzy,
~ though a bit of it dizziness/ floatiness is part of the experience
as well.

The experience is showcased in exhibitions and expos, along side Social media and Online coverage. At later stages, it may be released as a downlodable package.


About This Work

By Sahaj Garg
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Published On: 13/11/2019