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Next in line, I will look at a selection of card games that has more complex playstyles to my Week 2 study

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this game

1. Sleeping Queen

Sleeping Queen is a children game that emphasizes on being fun and enjoyable. First, you will need to place a total of 12 queen card at the center of the table, face down. The remaining cards will make up a pile that will be later distributed to the players. It is important to note that each of these cards has its special ability that can affect the queen cards, which I will explain with beneath text.

  • King card - Allow players to wake up any queen card that they want
  • Knight card - Allow players to steal a queen card from one of the other players
  • Dragon card - Allow players to stop the knight from stealing the queen card
  • Sleeping portion - Allow players to put one of the other players' queen card back to sleep
  • The magic wand - Allow players to cancel the effect of the sleeping portion
  • The jester - Allow players to pick another card from the deck. There will be 2 scenarios (1) if you managed to pick a king card, you will be able to keep it, but (2) if you pick a number card, you will need to count the players starting from you and whoever the last number land on will get to pick a queen
  • Number cards - Allow players to replace them with more useful cards. The rule is (1) if you get a single card, you can exchange it with another single card from the pile, or (2) you exchange 2 cards of the same number to get 2 new cards, or (3) you can exchange a sum of card with 3 new cards, for example, 1 card number 3, 1 card number 4 and 1 card number 7.
  • Special queens card - Each of the queen carries a number to indicate how many points you can get. There are especially 3 queens that have special abilities (1) rose queen card allows players to immediately wake up another queen, also, (2) if you get both cat queen and dog queen, you will need to put one of them back because they can’t be together
  • At the start of the game, each player will receive 5 cards from the pile. The goal of the game is to wake up 4 queens or get 40 points

The special thing about the game is how the creator uses one of the card types (the sleeping queen cards) as ‘the prize’ that can be influenced by the other cards. I feel that I can utilize this game style to my motive in this assignment.

2. Dutch Blitz

Dutch Blitz can be played with a minimum of 2 players. But for this study, I’m going to explain the game in the scenarios in which there are 4 players. Initially, each player will choose a deck, each deck has a traditional Dutch symbol on it. Aside from the symbol, the other side of each card will consist of color (1 out of 4) and a number (1 out of 10). Sitting around in a circle, each player lay 3 individual cards in front of them which make up the Post Pile. Everybody then lay out 10 cards to make the Blitz pile. The remaining cards will be set aside to make the Wood Pile. There will be an area in the middle that’s used to exchange cards, which is called the Dutch Pile.
The object of the game is to empty the Blitz pile and get as many cards as you can in the Dutch Pile. Starting the game, all number 1 cards will go into the middle area of the Dutch Pile. Everybody then put their card is based on the colors and numerical order. Bear in mind that you will always need to have 3 Post cards before you, you can enable this by moving cards from the Blitz Pile. Besides, you should always use the Blitz Pile before the Wood Pile. When a player empties the Blitz pile and say 'Blitz', the game will need to stop. Everybody must count the number of cards they get from the Dutch Pile, base on the symbol. The remaining Blitz cards will be calculated by multiplying the number of cards to 2, then subtract this number from Dutch Pile cards. The player with most point win.

3. Skull

Based on the cards given to you in the deck, the ideal number of players needed to play this game is 4. There are 4 sets of cards, each of the set share one of these colors: blue, red, purple, green. Among each selection, there are 3 round petal cards, 1 round skull card, and 1 square disk. To win the game, you will either need to get 2 correct answers or push everyone else out of the game. The first thing you need to do is to pick 1 petal and put it down at the disk, all players will take turns to do this. After that, you can either put another petal down or bid a number. In case you put a petal down, the turn will go to the next person. On the other hand, you can bid a number to decide the number of petals you want to flip over. You need to flip over your petal first and move on to the next person. Other players can also join in and if they bid a higher number, they will be the ones who got the chance to flip. But bear in mind, you should not flip over a Skull or else you will lose a card from your deck. When you lose all 4 cards, you are out of the game. If everything is all good, you get to bid correctly, you will be able to flip over the square disk. And when you flip this disk 2 times, you win the game.

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