Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This is made for me by my partner: MONEY & TIME! Very realistic and I pretty sure lots of people need them, too. What I learnt from this communication is that I have billions of thoughts but I lack skills to show them clearly and briefly to others. My partner believe that I need time to prepare my thoughts and money to finish my works.

I might pass the MONEY WAY this moment because I don’t have much in this stage. However, I can use my time efficiently to make my story more complete and logical (reasonable).

Therefore, the thing I’m going to do is obviously:

STOP: Stop thinking events which unrelated with this particularly story I want to say in this semester. They’ll waste my energy and consume my inspiration.

START: The thing I’m going to start is to write a script for the 1st episode of my 2D animation.

KEEP: The thing I’m keeping to do is continue what I did last semester: building the worldview of my planet named YINGY.

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By Qi Zhou
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Published On: 06/03/2018