Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Aim: I was aiming to explore timing and beats

Method: I used After Effect and Adobe Audition to compose the soundtrack.

In order to keep the consistency with my project, I collected the sounds of the bronze drum and the gong. I added the sound of a bundle of jiggle bell satchels as the last resort since I could not find any decent sound of the T’rung ( a type of bamboo instrument).


I decided to use shapes and simple movement for as my specimens. I let the sound of the bronze drum to lead and caught up on its beats in order to manipulate my shapes. The gong would indicate the transition between shot therefore the shapes changed after it sounded.

Discussion: I actually had never thought of inserting sound element into my automata. It would be too technical and complicated for me. Nonetheless, I happened swoop off the kits from the studio before it got shut down due to COVID-19 so I thought I might try this risky idea out.

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By Chau Nguyen
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Published On: 27/03/2020








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