Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


In response to this week's theme of still moments. I re-challenged the animation of pouring drinks that I made this semester for WEEK2.

I was inspired by the fact that there are a lot of bubbles when pouring a coke/beer. Maybe after pouring a whole glass, there will be half a glass of bubbles. And if you don't pay attention to how fast the bubbles are rising there is a good chance they will flow outside the glass.

For WEEK2 I created this animation using the traditional hand-drawn method. I chose to draw a close-up of the bubbles as they filled the cup. However, due to the frame rate, I didn't make good use of the pauses, so the whole animation didn't look very clear. In WEEK9, I recreated this animation using AE. And added the still time when the drink is poured. It left the suspense. The bubbles only flowed out of the glass quickly in the end.

Reflection This week's theme got me thinking about the significance of stillness for the camera. With stillness, the viewer can linger on a key moment or scene, giving them time to see, think and feel. This can add tension and emotional resonance to the story. It allows the audience to better understand and connect to the plot in the story.

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By Xile Qiu Selene
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Published On: 06/06/2023