Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

BY Xile Qiu 

Technical matters

When I use AE and go to change the keyframe path to animate a shape change, I usually take a long time to adjust the changes and the corresponding timing. Even then I can't get the animation to do very much in line with the animation motion.

Question In AE, how to make the melting dynamics look smoother and more in line with the laws of motion?


1.Adjust the jogging curve of object movement.

2.Calculate time and frame rate


I reversed assumption 1: adjust the jogging curve. I discarded the traditional way to adjust the shape path of the object. I ended up using the particle effects in AE to create the feeling of particles falling to simulate melting. This way looks smoother and is more efficient and accurate than manually adjusting the frame rate. And I used this method to create the opening animation of the video for folio2.

I used this approach to create the Folio2 credits. First I used the Particle plugin to add some particle glow effects to the text background. Then I created a mask for the text. In this mask I drew some colored lines and then used a turbulence displacement effect to make them look like they were flowing. The colors stayed from the top and finally dripped down. This method is more natural and random than the previous way I drew the drops one by one and hit the keyframe with the position to create the drops falling.

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By Xile Qiu Selene
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Published On: 06/06/2023