Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


How to create animations that conform to the laws of animation movement with AE is what I want to study this semester. In response to this week's theme, I reviewed the problems I encountered with the animation motion patterns in week8 and week9.

In week8, I did not create the dynamics of the ball changing shape as it fell from a high place. In this week I made this animation. And adjusted the motion curve to reduce the effect of the ball about the gravitational force.

In week9, I didn't make small bubbles for the drink. The bubbles in the drink are not rising in a straight line. So in order to organize the production logic clearly, I made the bubbles in steps.

1. The bubble rises in a straight line

2. Add curves to the straight line

3. Adjust the bubble size based on this: small-large-small


  • During this week I created two extra animations for the mistakes I made before, in order to organize the logic of making these dynamics clearly. The motion rules ensure that the movement of the objects in the animation is smooth and fluid. This makes the viewing experience more comfortable. It also enhances the viewer's immersion in the animation time.
  • This week I created these two animations using the traditional method, which broke my prejudice about the traditional way. At some point the traditional approach also has realistic and coherent motion representation.

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By Xile Qiu Selene
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Published On: 06/06/2023