Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Week 09’s subject was Stasis and Stillness. I had a very quick attempt to create a slightly moving background which was not successful – it produced the opposite of stillness and was not what I had in mind so I stopped. (Upon reflection, Home has so much stillness built into it that there is no need to create stillness/stasis).

Exporting from storyboard pro to Harmony

Instead I worked on importing the animatic I had made in Storyboard Pro into Harmony. As I had not fully understood my use of sequences in Storyboard Pro (I used them randomly and unknowingly) this was a bit of a messy process – each sequence exported as a separate file.  

Templates OR Symbols in Harmony

This accident helped me build a better understanding of TEMPLATES in Harmony. I turned the exported segments from Storyboard Pro into templates so that I could combine them into one animatic and with the walking cycle (rig), which I made into a template last week. I remain unclear about why the rig as a Symbol cannot be brought into the newly assembled animatic.

Combining the walk cycle (in which Oscar is carrying the mallet) with the animatic revealed further scale problems.

Breaking the building

I worked on the second idea I have for the “breaking” of the building in which the building bends outwards rather than breaking. I’m unclear about how this will impact on the rest of the story.


With Quimby the Mouse1 in mind, I tried using solid lines for the building, as I think the very textured lines that I have been using are making smaller scale actions hard to read.

I really do not like the walk cycle figure. It is based on a Richard William’s basic walk cycle so was focussed on technicalities of the walk cycle (Extremes/ Pass/Contact etc) rather than personality. I think I need to work out just what Oscar looks like. Quite aside from managing the technicalities of the program, not knowing what he really looks like is making the creation of any actions with Oscar very difficult.

1. Kuramoto J.  (2014) (DIR) Quimby the Mouse, This American Life <>

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