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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The focus this week was on making a walk rig. Despite having done this once before it was a tricky process and eventually I used a rig from Toon Boon.

When searching on Toon Boon the use of the correct terminology is important. Initially I was looking for help making a “WALK CYCLE” but what I needed to look for ws “RIGGING”.

I rigged the character for the walk cycle by starting with one leg, duplicating it then attaching these to a Master Peg to move them across the screen.

Once the legs were made, I built the rest of the rig using Nodes, Pegs etc and a fair bit of reshuffling of keyframes. Half the outcomes still feels like an accident – I don’t know what I am doing but things are moving.

I encountered the difference between STOP MOTION Keyframes and MOTION KEYFRAMES, the first does NOT interpolate between frames. I also learned that to make a global change I needed to collapse the top peg.

Hertzfeld’s ‘Meaning of Life’ has the most amazing walk cycles – each character is SO expressive. I learnt thatit was fimed on 2s AND it is drawn on paper! Those walks are much closer to what I would like to achcieve.

It became apparent that I need to better organise my notes so that/I can refer quickly back to how I did things. I am looking at better summaries of my process and making a contents page for each week.

Helpful tutorials at Toon Boon

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Published On: 31/10/2020






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