Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

For the exercise this week the binaries I chose were life and death (Otherwise known as ‘the big ones’). I suppose the reason I chose these spawned from a desire to attempt to create a character with my live animations and evoke a sort of pathos from the audience.

My production process for this exercise was fairly straightforward; after deciding on ‘life and death’ and that I wanted to evoke pathos I quickly came to the idea of a lonely character walking in the rain. I searched the BBC Sound Effect library and created a soundscape of rain and thunder. I played this soundscape live with capturing live animation in TVPaint. I began with the rain effects, then the character, and then the lightning hitting them. I found that animating straight ahead like this without too much consideration of where it would head was really fun, it is a live performance animation after all.

I’m really happy with this experiment and would like to follow it up further. I’m not sure how well it might situate itself amongst my other IOL exercises as it is so far the only one with a defined character. I think I will create more tests like this in the future, where I create a soundscape and live react to it.

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By Emmett Redding
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Published On: 25/10/2019








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