Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


I was interested in ragtime music which is energetic and has an active rythm. And my work for this semester is mainly about the expression of geometries and simple shapes. These elements consist of my work for visual music.

The work was developed in Unity. I developed a tool to instantiate VFX presets in the scene dynamically. So I can create animation varied from colour, speed and duration by changing several attributes.

Steve Swink used ADSR envelop to analyze filed to measuring the control of the game feel. So I wonder if I can use it to find the connection between sound and animations.

I use the method that measures speed as the Y-axis of ADSR envelop when examing the animation. I assumed that the combination of audio and animation with a similar ADSR graph can give the audience a feeling that they are related.

Another approach is that I group the notes by section, and make a longer animation to find if the feeling of connection still exists. I found the enter and exit point is important. If we build a good connection of sound and animation in these two points, the audio and animation clip can still have a relationship. Which enhance the emotional feeling of the audience.

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By Chengzan Dong
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Published On: 05/04/2021