Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


This week we considered the role of sound in composing and accompanying movement. I plan on having soft and light music in my studio project that resembles water, so I picked the kalimba as the main source of sounds that would accompany a rainy scene.


I used an online kalimba to make my own sounds with the tone and speed I chose and animated an experimental scene of a girl in the rain with clip studio paint.

I tried to build up tension by having a drop of water followed by heavy rain followed by a girl walking and then running through the rain. I tried to match the kalimba sounds to the ripples and the footsteps


The buildup was successful as the animation started off with a sense of peace and calm and rapidly sped up with momentum with a combination of sound and movement in animation.


Even though I don’t have much experience in sound design, I understand how important sound is in animation and how matching the sound to the motion can make the animation all the more impactful.

My one true regret is that I didn’t animate the splashes, especially since water is such an important part of my whole project. However, it’s such a complicated body of work that I'd have to research and reference a lot that I decided to continue the rest of the weeks of IOL focusing exclusively on it.

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Published On: 01/04/2021